2024 is just around the corner. It is important to start planning what the main online advertising strategies will be so that it is a fruitful year in sales. Therefore, in this post we will tell you which platforms will set the trend in digital marketing in 2024. Take note and start your brainstorming, since we are 4 months away from the end of the year!

 1. Video Marketing and Authenticity

Short video, whether called reel or short, has become the most powerful and effective way to transmit relevant and concise messages. For this reason, this format has grown so much on platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok or YouTube.

Snapchat and Meta’s Stories format have also opted for fleeting content with good results. The audience values authenticity; That information that is delivered without filter seems more truthful and reliable. Therefore, it is expected that both platforms will maintain leadership in advertising during the increasingly approaching 2024.

In today’s digital scenario, video marketing is king. It is the favorite type of publication for audiences across the board. Photos and carousels no longer have the same reach as a video. And although blogs are still a very useful strategy for those looking to delve deeper into a particular topic, it has less impact and views than audiovisual content.

Authenticity as a factor

Another aspect highly valued by the current audience that consumes videos is the spontaneity of the message sent. The more real and authentic it seems, the more credibility it will have and with it, the empathy of the audience.

Incorporation of influencers

In this context, marketing influencers have had growing authority. Users are no longer satisfied with seeing supermodels traveling through the Caribbean: they want to see nice, natural people, with charisma and with whom they identify. Making product reviews, recipe videos or travel logs with good quality recordings and the influencer’s seal of authenticity is a sure success.

Currently, 67% of digital marketing has at least one influencer. Your content is something that the audience considers honest and organic. 2024 is the perfect year to implement this trend in your strategy. Depending on your budget and your brand identity, you can opt for local celebrities or micro-influencers.

YouTube: the platform where you MUST advertise in 2024!

YouTube Shorts

As we already told you, short videos and reels are essential if SEO criteria are used: the correct keywords, valuable content, quality videos (well recorded and edited, without sacrificing authenticity) and relevant information for your business.

The videos and shorts generate a high impact, multiple reactions, shares and great viralization. 

However, YouTube offers something more: the content is not restricted to the feed, but the user can find it in their personal searches and thus increase the number of views.


Spotify is another interesting platform to upload your video content. Let’s remember that it recently accepted the video format in its podcasts. And in response to the above: the podcast is already a highly valued element, especially in B2B companies, since it generates a lot of trust as a result of the development of themes and proximity. Imagine how much the video format will add to it!

As you can see, neither YouTube nor Spotify can be absent from your digital strategy in 2024. Especially now that the latter has embraced the video format and will probably launch its own “shorts” to preview the content of its podcasts.

2. The onslaught of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has been one of the big surprises of 2023, with Chat GPT as the most innovative and useful product for the creative industry. And of course, the boom is expected to continue expanding in 2024. Thanks to machine learning, AIs are capable of personalizing their responses and, at the same time, analyzing consumer behavior to achieve effective campaign automation.

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the Artificial Intelligence market is expected to reach $40.3 billion by 2025, at an annual growth rate of 29.7%. AI has already been used by big brands such as Adidas, which after analyzing how users interacted with the application, managed to understand what their fitness goals were, offering personalized recommendations.

Content automation

The GPT Chat AI also helps to enhance content creation, using the ideal keywords for good SEO positioning. There are also AIs that can create graphic pieces following specific guidelines or prompts. Producing mixed texts and images (AI + human creativity) can optimize results by reducing errors, refreshing ideas and preventing plagiarism.

It is important to make good use of tools like Chat GPT, not by asking it to write your tips or publications for you, but as a good idea generator.

Woman with a phone

It can support you with information and facilitate the creation of your ads or online advertising. Combined work is essential, with experts who know how to polish this tool, adapting its results to the identity of your business, the voice of your brand and what you seek to project to your audience.

Remember that authenticity is essential, so you should not abuse AI or create all your content this way. This is a support, but in no way replaces the human creative process, the tone of communication, or the closeness that your customers look for in your brand.

Example of use

An example of a good use of Chat GPT is to write in a long text all the ideas and topics that you want to discuss in a podcast and, based on this structure, ask the AI to adapt the text to 100 shorts. Review the proposals they will give you, correct them, adapt them to the tone of voice and identity of your brand and you will be able to make your work a little easier.

Chat GPT has been a revolution in 2023 and you cannot exclude it from your strategy in 2024! Learn how to get the most out of this tool, which is one of the big trends for the year that is soon to begin.

3. Phygital Experience

This trend emerged from the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and was extremely well received, which is why it has been perfected over the years and today is a value-added service for customers.

Woman broadcasting live

It consists of holding digital meetings (in service companies, such as legal and psychological consulting), virtual fitting rooms, augmented and virtual reality on different ecommerce platforms.

An example of this is being able to try a makeup brand’s products: how they would look on your skin, on your face, your eyes or your lips. Also see how your look would change with a different dye. The user lives the experience through the website, makes the purchase and is very satisfied with the service.

You also have the possibility of visiting the physical store to clear up any doubts.

This new trend requires different implementation systems according to its complexity. It starts with something as simple as scheduling a video call in conversation services to having special filters for virtual makeup, glasses or hair dye testers.

Other platforms you should pay attention to for advertising in 2024

Since we have reviewed the main trends regarding digital marketing for 2024, we also recommend having a presence on social networks that are promising, such as BeReal (which allows you to upload photos without a filter and is one of the favorites of centennials), Twitch ( whose relevance is increasing), Caffeine (streaming platform), FaceCast (shorts), Tuned (launched by Facebook to find a partner) and NextDoor (neighborhood social network):

Remember that if you need advice to be successful in your business this 2024, we will be happy to provide it to you. We have a team of experts in digital marketing strategies, writing and design, so that you are not left behind in any of the trends that will break it during the next year. Contact us!

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