Artificial Intelligence is here to stay! This new tool has generated a true revolution in content marketing, becoming an invaluable tool to enhance your digital strategy and achieve exceptional results.

But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? This concept is understood as the ability of machines to imitate some human cognitive functions, such as reasoning, learning and perception. With them, they are capable of making decisions autonomously, based on data.

This capacity has led AI to play an essential role in the generation of content for various platforms. Let’s check it out below!

Content Generation by AI

Content today is the heart of any digital marketing strategy. AI is a high-value tool for content creators. And generating fresh ideas can take a lot of time and effort, which is reduced with your support.

AI platforms use intelligent algorithms to compose and edit text, develop images and produce engaging content in various formats, optimizing quality and targeting different target audiences.

Development of text, image and video generation tools

In the creation of videos, the Albert.AI tool stands out, which automates campaigns on Google and Social Media. Other platforms most required for these effects are Synthesia, Muse.IA, Raw Shorts, Vidext, Lumen 5, Designs AI, InVideo and FlexClip.

When it comes to voice, the most popular platform is Murf.AI, which allows you to convert text into audio. Also Lovo.AI and Speechify voiceover offer similar functionalities.

Image created by AI

For the creation of graphic content there is Meet Cortex, a SAAS tool that allows marketing professionals to know which graphic or audiovisual content has greater engagement and better results among their audience. It also highlights Nvidia Canvas, AutoDraw and Adobe Sensei. Canva has also incorporated AI into its platform.

And we cannot fail to mention the excellent support that Chat GPT and Hubspot’s content assistant represent for creating copy or written content.

The second (Hubspot) suggests titles for blog articles, it can help in writing blog texts, newsletter emails and advertising texts. Similar is the utility provided by the Simplified platform.

It is important to note that to make good use of this tool, it must be used by a professional capable of filtering out inaccurate content, avoiding plagiarism, and applying their own judgment when creating content. Using AI alone to manage your company’s digital strategy is not a good idea, since your content will lack the identity and “soul” that make your company unique.

Working with AI can give you fresh ideas, creative and relevant content, but it must always be complemented with the judgment of a communications professional. It is a very valuable tool that optimizes content and improves work efficiency, but it never replaces the work of content creators.

GPT Chat, the favorite of 2023

This tool is one of the great revelations of 2023, the year in which its use became widespread both in digital marketing and in companies. Even for housework! It consists of a language model whose purpose is to understand and generate text for different contexts, both for professional and personal use.

Chat GPT training involved exposure to a wide range of Internet data, so that the tool learned linguistic patterns and different contexts: from advice for planning daily activities, through guidance in personal conflicts, to becoming a “partner.” ” from the content creators.

The last update of Chat GPT was carried out in January 2022, so it is lagged and is unaware of the facts and trends that emerged after that date.

GPT chat on screen

However, its development is expected to continue and expand, eventually playing an important role in content creation, image generation and better segmentation for specific audiences.

Gemini, Google’s AI

Google is the colossus of the Internet and has also developed important AI, which is in fact one of the most promising tools. According to the company’s CEO, Sundai Pichai, this model called Gemini is the most capable to date, with cutting-edge performance in many benchmarks.

Likewise, Pichai stressed that the announcement represents “some of the greatest scientific and engineering efforts,” according to the Chilean newspaper “La Tercera” in its December 7, 2023 edition.

In an entry published on the firm’s official blog, the delegate and co-founder of Google DeepMind, Emis Hassabis, pointed out that more than an intelligent computer program, Gemini seeks to resemble an expert assistant with a multimodal approach, capable of understanding, operating and seamlessly combine different types of information, such as text, code, image, video and audio.

It also stands out for having three different sizes: Ultra, Pro and Nano. The first, developed to carry out highly complex tasks, the second capable of carrying out a wide variety of jobs and the third can operate from smaller devices.

Gemini has a great ability to discern specific insights amidst large amounts of data. Its ability to extract information from hundreds of thousands of documents, by reading, filtering and understanding them, will help achieve great digital speeds in various fields, including science and finance.

In addition, databases were used to train the AI to identify content that deviates from its policies, is violent or promotes negative stereotypes. This AI will be available in the coming months in both Search, Ads, Chrome and Duet.IA.

Use of AI for content optimization according to user preferences

The use of AI to optimize content according to user preferences is a growing and revolutionary trend in digital marketing. These tools help personalize your audience’s experience by offering content tailored to their personal interests and behaviors.

1. Use of algorithms to identify and segment specific audiences

AI can analyze large amounts of user data, including browsing patterns, social media interactions, search history and favorite content. In this way, it provides valuable information about individual user preferences.

2. How segmentation improves message relevance

AI uses algorithms to identify and segment specific audiences based on their needs and preferences, improving the relevance of messages.

3: How AI helps anticipate and meet public demands

AI-powered recommendation algorithms can predict what content a user might be interested in based on their interaction history and the behavior of prospects with similar characteristics. It is a use that has already become very common in online stores or social networks.

4. SEO Optimization

Artificial intelligence has also helped search engines personalize results based on the history and preferences of the user in question. Thus, it contributes to improving the relevance of the results and providing a completely satisfactory experience.

5. AI-generated content

Another of the most relevant uses of artificial intelligence is that it can create descriptions, copy, newsletters and blogs adapting to the tone and style of the professional who uses it.

6. Real-time feedback

AI-based feedback systems can efficiently collect user feedback, allowing for continuous adjustments to content personalization.

Challenges of Content Generation by AI

Although content generation by artificial intelligence has seen significant advances, it also presents several challenges that must be addressed for better use. For example, coherence, since it can be lost in long texts. Additionally, AI does not always identify the exact context of a conversation.

Furthermore, the results of AIs are not always as creative and original as we would like and they can inherit biases from the data with which they were trained. Therefore, it is essential that its use be carried out by a communications and marketing professional. This specialist will also ensure the veracity of the information that reaches the final consumer.

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