In our Hall of Fame for the month of October we interviewed Carolina Terc, agricultural engineer from the Universidad Católica de Chile and creator of the company Ecovelt, which markets VeggyFresh and ColorSafe.

At YOPPEN we are part of Ecovelt’s digital story, by contributing to the launch of the VeggyFresh website and social networks, which comes to offer an easy-access solution to food waste. Currently, we also manage the social networks of ColorSafe, a new product that allows you to wash all your clothes in a single load without fading, saving water, energy and products.

Carolina Terc and her daughter

We talked with Carolina about her relationship with YOPPEN and how our agency has helped her position herself in the market. And this is what she responded to us:

Tell us a little about Ecovelt and the principles that define it, such as sustainability in household tasks

C: Ecovelt was born with the purpose of bringing tools that give greater sustainability to household tasks and making homes increasingly sustainable. For example: reducing fruit and vegetable waste, also promoting responsible consumption and reducing water consumption in the case of ColorSafe.

Y: Who is behind Ecovelt? How did the idea arise?

C: I left in 2017, when I was living abroad and that’s when I started this project. It all started with VeggyFresh actually, because I was very struck by the amount of fruit and vegetable waste that there was in general in all homes. Although there is an intention to consume more fruits and vegetables, many times people become frustrated when buying more fruits and vegetables, a greater variety, and in the end they all end up in the trash.

So, since I am an agronomist, what I did was adapt a solution from exporting companies and take it to a more domestic scale. So, that was like my first project and I realized that there was a space, that people deep down somehow wanted to make their homes more sustainable in consumption.

And well, I always had the ColorSafe project a little in the pipeline because it seemed to me that it was a good option to reduce water consumption and also a solution for homes that were not so large, in the end one always has to classify clothes

That’s when I developed ColorSafe as a tool to reduce water consumption in washing and obviously also protect clothes from fading.

Y: Any other projects coming up?

C: Yes, there are always ideas, but well, obviously being an SME one also treads with a little caution. But hey, there are always ideas and as they are tested and work, new ones can emerge because each product also has a cycle.

Y: What is the reason for the name Ecovelt?

C: It is a German word that means ecological world.

VeggyFresh website on the laptop

 Y: How did you find YOPPEN?

C: I came to YOPPEN through recommendations, actually. I was looking for an agency, someone recommended you to me and actually so far we have been doing very well.

Y: What led you to prefer YOPPEN services over those of other Digital Marketing agencies?

C: I really like that when I need a question answered or I need help with something specific, you are always available.

 Y: How has YOPPEN helped promote Ecovelt services?

C: Well, because of the knowledge that you have about the different social media tools to promote our products.

Y: What added value has YOPPEN given to the management of your social networks?

C: The value is the dedication of time to learn about the different products, how they work and also get involved in each of them to design the different posts for promotion based on that.

Y: Do you feel that we adapt well to your expectations?

C: Yes, yes.

Y: What do you highlight about our service?

C: It is quite comprehensive: from social networks to web page management, design, which is in the end what one needs: to have their problems solved.

Y: Any relevant positive experience in which YOPPEN has been a great support to enhance your brand?

C: Well, we are still starting out with ColorSafe and it is still early to evaluate, but we will see how it goes. On the VeggyFresh side, it was a very good experience, which is what led me to trust YOPPEN also for the ColorSafe project. With VeggyFresh I launched the website through you, the entire redesign of the social networks was also done by you and so far the experience has been super good, so let’s now hope to replicate it with ColorSafe as well. That is the challenge.


Y: In general, how has YOPPEN contributed to strengthening your digital presence?

C: Yes, with VeggyFresh totally, with ColorSafe we are just starting out so I am giving them time for us to achieve the same as with VeggyFresh.

H3: Y: Would you recommend our service?

C: Yes, I have recommended them. Personally, I have had a very good experience. The truth is that nowadays finding an agency that is available when you need them and that knows when to offer different services to solve the problems that SMEs have on a daily basis is highly valued. At least I recommend them to you.

Carolina has two daughters of different ages, which has awakened her motivation to inherit a more sustainable world for them. For this reason, their products always aim to save resources and supplies, as well as having more time to enjoy it with the family.

At YOPPEN we love working with Ecovelt. We have learned about how their products work and we have even tested them, ensuring that they are a true revolution for household tasks. We are very happy that Carolina is satisfied with the work we have developed, both with the launch of the VeggyFresh website and in the redesign of social networks and the administration of these and those of ColorSafe.

If you have an SME that offers an innovative service and you need us to help you position it on social networks and in search engines, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will make it grow! We adapt to the vision you have of it, as well as the values that you need to promote. We will be waiting for you to start writing your digital story.

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