The national and international market today is saturated. New products are being created daily and, for this reason, making an original and innovative packaging design has become a challenge. Designers who undertake this work must first consider the world behind the product in order to approximate the perfect design and for this design not only to be successful within national borders but to attract the attention of potential clients abroad. In this new blog we want to tell you a little more about the importance of a cross-border packaging design that makes a difference beyond the limits.

Packaging design, a key to success

Let’s start from the base: we have a product and we want to sell it. We begin to think, what is the first thing that customers see when they are looking for a product that meets their needs? That is when the packaging of the product appears in our mind. Human beings are very visual in general, and what comes to our eyes when we are looking for alternatives in the market may be the product we choose in the end.

It is not enough to have a product of high quality, excellence and utility. Without a good packaging design that speaks through its aesthetics and descriptions, this product can get lost in the crowd and go unnoticed in the eyes of the customers it is targeting. We have just mentioned two parts within the packaging design of a product that you should always remember: aesthetics and descriptions, the latter is the information that the customer needs to know about the product, but be careful! You cannot put all that information on the package; part of the design strategy should be to condense the information into short, effective and compelling messages.

Tell a story through the packaging. Packaging design also has a fair storytelling share. Become a strategist! Play with pictures and words wisely.

Cross-border packaging: there are no limits for your brand

As you can see, packaging design plays a fundamental role in selling a product. When designing, you should not only take into account current trends and what is being sold out there while your product waits for its moment, but also the preferences of your buyer person or potential client. To achieve this, do not limit yourself! Imagine the possibilities of exporting your product abroad, making it cross borders and having success beyond your locality or country.

When your vision is limited only to one place, the packaging design is a sales pitch that also expresses it.

An example: in the United States and in England they have different definitions of what is homey, that is, when people think of something cozy and comfortable, and it is very likely that they have different mental images of what it is and this occurs, in part, because despite sharing a base language, the cultures in which they are inserted are very different from each other.

So, if their customers are looking for a homey product, they may decide on a national product since this merchandise will provide them with a design -aesthetics and information- that is consistent with their definition of home. As a consequence, the foreign product will be at a disadvantage because its packaging design did not take into account the characteristics and strategies that make it cross borders and establish itself as competition in the foreign market.


No need to overspend on effective cross-border packaging

The packaging is an important part of the final price of the product. In order not to cause counterproductive losses for the brand, it is necessary to take into account when designing that the budget should not be excessive. There are brands that have spent more on packaging design than they have received in profit from the product and, ultimately, they have not gained recognition beyond their own limits either.

It is not necessary to have a millionaire budget to be able to achieve an original, innovative and unique cross-border packaging design, one that attracts the attention of various local and foreign customers. More than the budget, it is creativity and strategy that should always be highlighted in the design process; The images, icons and descriptions that will be part of the final packaging design of a product should make it easier for the customer to appreciate the benefits of its content and, at the same time, feel attracted by what they see.

Don’t forget to study trends and come up with a universal definition of what you want to sell! If your product wants to deliver the feeling that it is homey, then be sure to review what various cultures regard as homey and embody it in all its dimensions.

There are no limits to the creativity and vision that you can apply to the products of your brand, so reduce the budget, do not spend too much, and apply design keys that will help you go beyond your comfort zone.

The future of packaging in the world: Eco Packaging

eco packaging

A plus that is becoming more relevant every day in packaging design is Eco Packaging. Do you want to know why this must be present when designing an effective packaging for your products? Next, we’ll give you more details so that you have it in mind from today onwards, because this is the future of packaging on a global level, so if you are thinking of designing a cross-border packaging, consider it must be ecological.

Eco Packaging

The material chosen to create the packaging also plays a relevant role in the entire packaging design and, currently, if the material with which the packaging is made is ecological and helps the environment you can win a few points. This is a global initiative that is related to the awareness of us as human beings due to the climatic changes that our planet is going through. Every day more people are willing to change the products they are used to for responsible options that, from its packaging, demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

So, Eco Packaging is not only innovative aesthetics + effective phrases, but it is also a way to demonstrate even in the design that the packaging is manufactured in a conscious way, which also indicates how committed the brand is to its environment.

Remember that the packaging is the first contact between your brand and customers out there, so we could say that you must include in it all the decisive characteristics that make your product the one that should go home with them.

Designing the packaging of a product with biodegradable materials and indicating that it is friendly to the environment is a very positive aspect that goes hand in hand with aesthetics and information when bringing a product to light.

Now get to work on an outstanding packaging design that will conquer beyond your country or locality. Don’t forget that the limits are only set by you. Study the market, find clients beyond the borders you have established today and design a kick-ass cross border packaging that will make you succeed in the future.

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