We are very proud to announce that we are Google Partners! This badge is more than a benefit, but a great recognition given only to companies that have done exceptional work over the years with their clients. Having new tools that Google provides to its partners exclusively by having a Google Partners badge will make us maximize all our skills to continue working on innovative solutions and successful campaigns.

What means to be part of the Google Partners program?

To be part of the Google Partner program it was necessary for us to learn from each campaign and collaboration, train our team and deliver real solutions to real problems, giving personalized experiences to each of our clients.

Some of the most important requirements that we update annually at YOPPEN, with which we earn our partner badge are:

Optimization and Performance

We have a business whose Google Ads account has an optimization level greater than 70%. This means that the configuration and performance of our account is always effective.

Advertising investment

We dedicate an adequate advertising investment to each of our campaigns through Google Ads.

Certification of personnel

We are proud to be a highly qualified team that plans and executes successful campaigns, which we can corroborate through our individual certifications. Our Account Strategists are certified in Google Ads and in all product areas in which we invest our campaigns.

About Google Ads certifications


By being partners today, the YOPPEN team enjoys all the benefits that Google delivers at various levels for our business, such as:

  • Education and statistics (product certificates, statistical reports, inclusion and diversity resources, and advanced product training)
  • Access and support to the platform (account performance reports, technical support for our account and professional events)
  • Recognition and rewards (competitions and rewards, promotional offers, and Google Partners badge)

What this big step means to us

It is our duty as an entity whose mission is to deliver innovative solutions to live up to this digital age. We know that, on this internet era, changes are fast, trends rise to the top in just a couple of hours and outdated fashions are forgotten by the collective consciousness with an impressive speed.

Becoming Google Partners is a recognition of our adaptability over time, the ability to see beyond changes, find new solutions and make them our allies while creating successful campaigns. We are totally committed to keep going strong and expand our vision.


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