Why does your business need an online store? – 5 reasons to decide to sell online today

Are you looking to open a business or grow your current business and at the same time improve your quality of life? Despite how impossible it may seem due to recent events, with an online store it is possible.

The reality that we have to live worldwide due to COVID-19 demands that we adapt to new and complex challenges in all aspects of life. Movement restrictions, different types of sanitary measures, safety and protection instructions, social distancing, dealing with complex situations with loved ones and conditions of long confinement are some of the examples that have the majority of the population in a state of alert and in a stress and anxiety environment.

We also know the great economic impact that this situation has had on all sectors of society. Physical commerce has almost completely diminished, the purchasing power of the population has decreased, and the needs of people and businesses remain intact. As an entrepreneur, it is normal if your business is going through a time of uncertainty, crisis or greater demand, that is why we can empathize and put ourselves in your shoes. We invite you not to get discouraged and ensure your physical, emotional and material well-being, taking advantage of the benefits that online sales provide you.

Staying active and developing professionally and economically is not only a necessity, but a way of personal development and helping to improve the functioning of society. Boost your business and give movement to business transactions. Having an online store and making online sales contributes to the circulation of money, and above all, helping to satisfy the needs of people considering the difficulties that we must face during these days.

The good news? Thanks to advanced scientific and technological development, we have safe and efficient tools that allow us to continue and even expand your business. An online store is your opportunity to continue selling online, be competitive, keep or grow your wallet share and your market share and not remain dormant or at a loss for an uncertain period of time – Keep working and stay in business… online!

Now, as promised. Five attractive benefits of the online store:

1. Cash flow is not stopping!

Despite not having a physical store to offer and market products or services, through the creation of an e-commerce platform and online sales, you will not only keep the cash flow active, but also with the possibility to expand and strengthen your client base, and best of all: saving on rent! Or rather, of various expenses related to a physical store.

An online store is a response to the geographic and border limitations of long distances and now in particular, as a way to overcome the barrier of confinement and social distancing without stopping commercial exchange. Another great advantage is the ease of creating and opening a new online sales channel, compared to what a physical store requires.

YOPPEN Multilingual Marketing - Online Store Web Development Coronavirus 2020

If you are one of those who is just going to start: do not get stuck. A great opportunity for entrepreneurs in the last decade is the great expansion that electronic commerce has had. It is your moment to start your dream business through online sales where you will not need the large initial capital that a physical store requires to start operating.
Also, just when virtual commerce becomes essential for survival of the majority of the population today. Enjoy the benefits that the installation of an e-commerce provides, which we will continue to detail shortly.

2. Imagine which market you want to enter and do it!

The implementation of an online store allows you to access new markets easily and at low costs.

Electronic commerce is completely embedded in societies and a large part of the daily consumption of the population is carried out through online sales, especially under strict measures of social mobility and confinement.
That’s right, it is not necessary to invent gunpowder again. E-commerce as online sales platforms is a trend internationally. In fact, for example, in a country with the characteristics of Chile, by 2018 online sales had grown by 39.4%. It is not news that this number is increasing, without even considering the context of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Do not imagine that you are entering a completely unknown new world: you will enter a virtual space already installed and safe where millions of people interact daily!

Accessing new markets and making new online sales with the ease that electronic commerce provides us is a great advantage that we assure will result, but it is only the first part of your business expansion process.

The most relevant thing is actually to ensure and maintain good visibility, arrival and relationship with your customers to generate a long-term impact and commercial insertion.
The possibility of reaching customers who do not know you is a high probability, so it is necessary to worry about creating the conditions to deliver an excellent service. Consumers feel more comfortable and secure making purchases that allow the connection and integration between the physical stores that are useful to them, the online stores, the digital attention associated with those stores and the electronic devices that allow them to make their purchases.
In addition, the possibility of increasing the frequency and quality of interaction with your customers allows your business to accompany consumers while being always active and thus deliver a more expeditious and complete service. Don’t forget to constantly update your website and complement it with different social interaction platforms and applications that allow you to reach your customers. Digital marketing has specific strategies that allow you to “recycle” content or material, being able to replicate it as many times and in as many places as you consider necessary, making a single initial investment.

Ensure a warm, attentive, personalized, practical and efficient experience for your clients. E-commerce allows you to create an environment of openness, acceptance and pluralism through virtual interaction, getting to know and get closer to your customers every day. In the next point we will delve into how an online store can provide this type of service.

To ensure a good result at this point, we share an essential advice: don’t forget to communicate in more than one language! Try to target a diverse and multicultural audience. Here are more details about the benefits of having a multilingual website: Click here

3. Commercial dream of the 20th century: Increase the visibility of your business without higher costs.

Thanks to advanced technological development, one of the great advantages this century has given us is universal access to a common cyberspace. This has generated an explosion of various devices that allow us to improve the quality and efficiency of multiple tasks.

YOPPEN Website Ecommerce Development covid 19 2020

Operating through online stores, you can take advantage of the variety and efficiency of digital tools that allow not only access to new markets and obtain a greater reach, but also the possibility of generating a bond of trust with your customers, knowing them and generating communication closer and constant.

Improving the quality of service is a possibility thanks to this. Make the dream of the millions of merchants who lived during the 20th century come true, increasing the visibility of your business without the need for high expenses to achieve it thanks to the use of these tools.

E-commerce provides essential tools for gitial marketing and digital programming. They are reliable and safe tools, with a low percentage of error and with the possibility of collecting more specific information connected to the needs of consumers. Given the high level of specialization and training of our international work team, we guarantee that an efficient and full quality application of these tools can be achieved, truly satisfying the needs of your business, achieving success in visibility and positioning and being able to enter to compete. with large companies that tend to spend millionaire budgets in market research and advertising.

It will allow you to improve the quality of service of your business and streamline the purchasing processes just by making a couple of clicks.

Not only is it essential to enter a market with effective digital marketing tools, but we also want to ensure that you obtain an optimal web positioning. For this, we advise you to use SEO wording in the different contents of your website. Here we recommend a brief informative in case you are interested in knowing more: Click here

No less important is to emphasize another magnificent advantage that digital tools provide us: it allows us to develop a more sustainable production. It not only generates benefits for the finances of your business, but also serves to protect our planet and the environment. It is an opportunity to leave behind the disproportionate use of natural resources. Leave behind the mass production of printed graphic material, be it pamphlets, posters, magazines, etc. Bring your business closer to ecological practices!

4. Protect both your business and your integrity!

Being able to avoid having the money from commercial exchanges in custody is a gift for many. The responsibility and the requirement of physical possession and transfer of money is a dangerous and unnecessary risk.

By keeping your commercial transactions in digital format, you will save yourself from worrying, security expenses and the possible possibility of being a victim of some type of crime. Therefore, it is not only an excellent reason to protect the capitals of your business, but also a way to protect yourself and your partners or workers.

Given the relevance of cyberspace today, great investments and research have been made worldwide to develop the most reliable computer security strategies and mechanisms. Remember that our link with various financial and economic institutions through the internet is already general, so you must already know certain security standards.

We invite you to operate with systems that allow us to generate greater security in our societies. Feel the confidence and peace of mind of keeping your business under virtual control and monitoring, leaving behind the old worries of cash or essential documents that could only exist physically.

5. Enjoy the privilege of managing your time!

YOPPEN Multilingual Marketing - Online Store Web Development Coronavirus 2020

Don’t forget about yourself. E-commerce provides the possibility of managing your own operating times, your own planning, while maintaining and even improving customer service.

Digital marketing and digital tools allow planning and scheduling in advance, offering more direct communication platforms and 24/7 customer service, forgetting the worry and obligation of having to open and close stores. In addition, you should consider how simple it can be to manage your business from a computer or other technological device of your comfort. Start by simplifying and accommodating your days!

The important thing to maintain this standard is to plan in advance the deployment of your business, organize according to your objectives and priorities and use digital schedules that allow you to function in times “out of date” of reality. One of the wonders of e-commerce is its ability to interact and make sales or purchases online with virtual time.

Today more than ever your health is important. Try to improve your quality of life, without having to tie yourself up or commit to hard and demanding schedules that do not adapt to your daily needs. An online store allows you to create your own calendar and operate at your own pace, making your routine more flexible. What better than to have your own time?



It’s not easy for anyone to take a chance on something new, especially when it comes to business. For this reason, we decided to make this reliable information available on online or e-commerce stores to grow your business through online sales and digital marketing, based on the study, training and experience that these have given us. years of operation and growth, daring to implement an online store and delve into the vast and varied world of electronic commerce. We hope it is useful to help you make the decision that best suits the needs of your business in these difficult times.

Crises often bring changes and transformations. Any change requires learning and this is the time to grow your business.

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