Thanks to the Internet and social media, online advertising has changed dramatically. New advertising platforms and different types of ads appeared. Advertising became a fully personalized tool with the ability to reach people online as well as offline. Internet advertisements have proven to have great benefits for positioning brands and online stores. In this post we will tell you everything you need to know about advertising and we will explain why you should invest in it this year to boost your ecommerce .

But before we get to the hard stuff, let’s do a quick exercise. Has it happened to you that you are scrolling on Facebook and reacted to a video, liked a photo on Instagram, or entered a Google search result and then realized it was an ad? Maybe at the time you thought it was a cute photo or that it was relevant information, and I don’t blame you! Today, thanks to personalization, ads are increasingly related to our particular interests. They have become relevant, useful, interesting and even entertaining.

Currently, advertising is more than ads that seek to sell something, it is content. If you have an online business and want to position it and reach your potential customers, you will be interested in knowing what SEM is and what you can do with it. Keep reading!

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What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and what does it have to do with advertising?

The SEM or Search Engine Marketing (for its acronym in English) is the method to position yourself in search engines. And while Marketing executives use it to refer to payment methods like online advertising, it actually involves SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well. However, in this article we will refer to SEM as search engine positioning through payment.

What is SEM? SEM is the use of tools and strategies that serve to optimize the visibility and increase the accessibility of sites and web pages in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others. These same search engines even offer the possibility of paying to advertise a website, an ecommerce store and thus appear first in search results. SEM or online advertising is a strategy that works very well in the short term. Ideally, it should be complemented with a SEO strategy for the medium-long term. 

These are the 7 main benefits of paid advertising (SEM)

1. Greater segmentation

By investing in advertising we can target exactly who we want . How? Thanks to segmentation. Each of our ads will be fully adapted to the target audience we want to address . When paying for an advertisement we define characteristics such as age, sex, hobbies, geographical location, among other aspects.

2. Competing in the major leagues

Advertising allows any store, e-commerce or business website to compete equally, regardless of whether they are large, medium or small companies.  This, above all, gives an opportunity to online stores that are starting and want to position their products and services.

3. It allows to quickly publicize a product on a large scale

And in addition to competing in the major leagues, on an equal footing, with older stores with higher positioning, online advertising also It allows to publicize a product faster and on a larger scale. 

4. Quick return on investment

Thanks to paid advertising or SEM you will have complete control over the campaigns . You can decide how much money to invest in advertising and pay only when users click on the ads. The budget is set according to the product, store and the campaigns we want to do. This is very different from traditional advertising, where We did not know who saw the ad and if that ad had an effect on the purchase decision.

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5. Increase in traffic to your website

One of the main benefits of SEM and that is almost instantaneous is the increase in traffic to the web . Once the advertising has been paid, we just have to wait for Google to position our ecommerce in the first positions. And very soon users will begin to arrive. 

6. Lead generation

And now that we have users coming to our site or online store, it will depend on us that that user who has already entered becomes customer . Each one of those users who enters the site, who thanks to advertising we will have perfectly identified, we call it a lead and then it could become a buyer. 

7. Comprehensive measurements at all times

The SEM allows us to have detailed and exhaustive information about our ecommerce store. We can know how many clicks our advertisements receive, number of impressions, reach, campaign position, cost, etc.

Types of advertising: choose the one that suits you best according to the needs of your business

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We already said it a few lines before. With the arrival of the Internet, Google and social network advertising emerged: dynamic advertising, shopping, remarketing, ads, among others. Choosing one or the other will depend on the objectives of your business. All the advertising formats that we are going to see below are applicable to ecommerce stores built in WordPress, Shopify and Prestashop.

1. Google advertising

Google Ads is the Google tool that offers paid advertising to ecommerce or online stores that want to carry out campaigns. There are several formats to choose from, always depending on the business objectives:

  • Product advertising (or Google Shopping): This ad is focused on raising awareness in detail the information of the products that the store sells. The goal is to increase traffic to the site by finding potential customers. They are called Shopping because they have different formats and visuals. This type of advertisement shows a photo of the product, the title, price, store name and other relevant information. 
  • Dynamic advertising: As the name implies, ads are generated dynamically. How? Based on the information collected about the audience, according to their browsing history, location, preferences, and tastes. These types of ads are perfect for an online business that has a wide variety of products.
  • Search advertising or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: This type of advertising for sure do you know him. They are the first links that appear when we search in Google and are clearly identified as “ad”. It can be text or images, always indexed to a specific keyword that is purchased from Google.
  • Remarketing Advertising: A Remarketing banner ad is focused on users who have already visited or shown some interest in your website. It is, in essence, a banner that appears on the screen of the user who has already visited the site before. Its main objective is to achieve sales, but also to achieve notoriety, to stay present in the mind of the consumer. In this case the cost is also per click performed. 

1. Social Media Advertising

Social networks have become part of our life and how we communicate. Nowadays it is rarer not to be present in them than to be present. Social media advertising occurs on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Snapchat. They are ads that companies, websites or ecommerce stores pay and are mixed with the content that each user sees according to the followers they have. They are paid according to the clicks that the user makes on the ad. Its main formats are:

  • Ads: Ads on social networks are paid and the grace they have is that they are mixed with the content that visualize people normally. In short, it is shown in a display system and they are paid according to the clicks made.
  • Shopping ads: This format shows the product and detailed information about the product.
  • Remarketing : Focuses mainly on those users who have already shown some interest in the website.

Now that you have a complete picture of what online advertising is all about and what types there are, it’s time to get down to business.

In YOPPEN we are dedicated to this. We are an International Advertising Agency and we have helped many SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to setup and reach their online advertising goals. Our work has remarkable results, from increasing web traffic, conversions, generating awareness and brand positioning, among other things. We are experts in web advertising and Google Partners. Are you interested? Contact us here. 

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