In an increasingly connected world, it is practically impossible to think about our day to day without the wide variety of content that the internet offers us. Social distancing brought with it what many call the new normal, and in some cases, it means adapting the way we do things to digital. But who is behind everything we consume online? We will reveal to you what is a mystery for those who do not have knowledge about social networks: This role is fulfilled by the Social Media Manager and in this post we will explain all the benefits that this professional can add to your company.

In simple terms, in digital marketing the Social Media Manager is in charge of planning the strategy that a brand will deploy in social networks and that will be executed by the Community Manager. As you may have noticed, the use of these platforms does not stop increasing, becoming an immense showcase to promote products. Currently, there are more than 80 million small businesses using Facebook’s free business tools.

For their part, users demand with more intensity than ever, quality content and thought about them, so having a roadmap that accounts for the objectives we want to meet is essential. To have a presence on the internet, just being there is not enough. The first thing to keep in mind is that everything that is published, be it texts, photos or videos, has a value for the users you want to reach and in turn, differentiates you from your competition and here is the real one difficulty. To find out how a Social Media Manager can achieve this, read on.

5 Reasons why you need a Social Media Manager
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These are the 5 reasons why you should have a Social Media Manager

1.Professional and unique design

Before worrying about the number of followers or likes, we must bear in mind that content is the priority. The quality of what you post will eventually be reflected in your statistics, but to get there, the Social Media Manager must not only be up to date with the main marketing trends and what your audience is looking for, but must be able to adapt the message that you want to carry according to the platform on which it is to be published and generate audiovisual content with a unique design that makes you stand out from your competition for its originality and functionality.

2. Helps you strengthen your brand identity

But design takes a back seat if no one wants to hear the message you present. That is why within his first tasks, this communications professional must carry out a market study to identify exactly who your consumers are, where they are, what they want and in which social networks they move. With this, the identity of your brand will be strengthened by the voice and what it says to the user and not only by the image of him.

3. We cannot forget the online purchase

Has it happened to you that you buy what you always wanted and after the transaction you are notified that there is no stock? This undoubtedly damages the experience of customers with your brand and can be decisive in the loyalty they generate with it. Offering a service is wanting to make life easier for your users and luckily you can save them the disappointment of that moment through the management that a Social Media Manager can do for you. Predicting the demand that certain products will have is not easy, so the synchronization between the catalog and ecommerce must be efficient and constantly monitored.

4. The ace up your sleeve

Murphy’s Law tells us that “If something bad can happen, it will happen” and as much as we do not want it, crises in social networks are more common nowadays.

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In part, this has to do with the standards that users have when it comes to judging brands, and if you keep it in mind, it can result in enriching feedback for the work done. But when it goes wrong, the important thing is to know how to respond to protect the reputation of the brand and for this reason, the Social Media Manager must know how to work under pressure and design a plan to go to in these situations.

5. Take advantage of the experience

Each professional is an expert in the area of ​​it and that is part of the wealth that occurs in the work environment. No one would expect a vet to be able to defend someone in court and likewise, you don’t have to be a communications expert for your brand to look good online. Adding a Social Media Manager to the work team gives you time to focus your efforts on the main activity of the company and shine in what really moves you to achieve the goals that your users will later know through social networks.

What is outsourcing in digital marketing?

With all this information, you may be considering starting to use other channels to increase your numbers. After all, 78% of sales reps who use social media to sell perform better than the rest. Many brands have taken this leap and the best way to do it without having the necessary knowledge is outsourcing.

It is about outsourcing digital marketing so that others take charge of your online presence and in this way, strengthen your brand. Among its many benefits, outsourcing brings a fresh and renewed look to the work that your company does. Just as reading aloud in front of others helps us improve what we write, the approach that professionals who are just beginning to become familiar with your brand can bring is enriching for the services your business provides and how these are communicated to potential clients.

5 Reasons why you need a Social Media Manager

Additionally, having external services of a Social Media Manager gives the guarantee to your brand that it will never be left without a professional in charge of its social networks, that is, it will have support throughout the year. Vacations, licenses or replacements will be managed by other people, releasing another burden from the day-to-day work of your brand.

When researching about this alternative, you will find different service packages in the market by social media agencies, which seek to adapt to your needs and the objectives you want to meet.

At YOPPEN we are experts in social media and we have what you are looking for. We currently have the Starter Ecommerce plan and it is focused on ecommerce that seek to professionalize their presence on social media and give that boost they need. The pack includes a monthly meeting with our experts who will guide you step by step to grow your business, a certain number of publications and advertising, among other things.

But we understand that each project has different business needs and therefore the same formula does not work for everyone. We want to put the talent of our team of professionals at your disposal through personalized advice so that together, we can put together the ideal plan for you.

Now you just need to take the first step to strengthen your presence on the internet. How can you access these and other digital marketing services? Easy, you just have to contact us

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